Pasture to Plate

  • Healthy Organic Soil

  • Nutritious Grass

  • Humane Practices & Principals

    following Dr. Temple Grandin's Principles of Cow Care

  • Happy Jersey Cows

  • "Rothenbuhler Remote" Green Dairy Processing Facilities & Practices

  • Exceptionally Nutritious Cheese


To fully experience the flavor of any cheese, it is important to bring it up to room temperature. Let your senses do the rest! 


Take a moment to appreciate the visual attributes of the cheese – the color, body, and texture.


The aroma of a cheese conveys both its style and condition.

And finally, delight in the


Experience the cheese flavor by taking your time. Breathe in and chew slowly, exhaling through your nose. Allow time to experience the flavor curve of the cheese from the initial taste through to the finish. A cheesemaker's goal is to balance the sensation of taste among the five taste areas: sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami. Trust your palate!