The land has been acquired and exciting plans are underway to sustain our own milk-producing farm not far from our Middlefield-based cheese factory.  Our commitment to farm-to-fork authenticity and pureness assures our customers of only “THE BEST!”

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The Ultimate Cow Care

Rothenbuhler Farms LLC will create an environment for its dairy cows that will be inviting, calm, social, and humane. By executing this, our cows will be calm, placid, and healthy, and yield a high quantity of top-quality milk. Our milking environment will place the well-being of our cows as the top priority. The design of the milking environment will be based on three main principles:

  • Forward Motion
  • Color & Light
  • Sounds

Wherever possible the cows will proceed in a forward fashion on skid-proof floors with angled sides. To encourage this forward motion there will not be any stray, dangling, or overhanging objects.

Secondly, color and lighting will be carefully selected. The milking environment will be treated as a serene venue. Color must be cautiously selected to associate yellows and blues with positive emotions. Likewise, yellows and blues must not be used in any other treatment location. Lighting must be prudently selected to minimize shadows and reflections and the lighting must also be soft and inviting.

Lastly, sound must be minimized. It takes cows 20 to 30 minutes to calm down after they have encountered a stressful situation. This stress directly impedes oxytocin release and delays milk letdown. Therefore, there must not be any loud gates, chains, or quick abrupt movements of equipment.

We must be very cognizant that cows are extremely observant creatures that recognize places, smells, voices, distinctive clothing, and certain objects. Cows are hyperspecific and are quick to form strong negative emotions. Stress imparted on a cow can impede yield by as much as 10 percent. We must stay true to our Vision and Focus and operate in accordance with our three main principles: Forward Motion, Color & Light, and Sounds.

Rothenbuhler Farms LLC


Like nature itself, developing a truly organic farm takes time.  From its land purchase date in 2014, Rothenbuhler Farm will require seven years to transition from its current abandoned farm status to an organic farm, with grass-fed, Jersey cows. This breed of cattle not only produces the most nutritious milk, but they are also very gentle, friendly, and beautiful.

We will incorporate Grandin's principles of cow care (visit, in addition to Rothenbuhler's Remote automation in a Green, self-sustaining environment making the most of wind turbine and solar energy technologies. The farm will use a digester to reclaim cow waste.

Why Rothenbuhler Farm? Sustainability!

Currently, Rothenbuhler® Cheesemakers must source its milk from Ohio and neighboring states. Our vision is to be self-sufficient in achieving a sustainable (Green) milk supply. By developing our own localized organic supply of milk, we aim to reduce pollution caused by cross-country transportation and act as a role model for other environmentally conscious farms and businesses in our region.




following Dr. Temple Grandin's Principles of Cow Care