Dairy Fat Is Not Associated with Heart Disease

September 2018

Swiss Cheese--The Next Superfood

Boost your Gut Microbiota and reduce inflammation by eating Swiss Cheese!

How to enhance your gut immunity? EAT MORE SWISS CHEESE!

August 2017

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May 2016

Consuming Full-Fat Dairy Products Effective Against Diabetes and Obesity

April 2016

Making a Case for Eating Fat

March 2016

Testing Protein Leverage in Lean Humans: A Randomised
Controlled Experimental Study

November 2015

Lactoferrin Promotes Early Neurodevelopment and Cognition
in Postnatal Piglets by Upregulating the BDNF Signaling Pathway
and Polysialylation

November 2015

A Peptidomic Analysis of Human Milk Digestion in the Infant Stomach Reveals Protein-Specific Degradation Patterns  

November 2015                                                              

Cheese Could Be The Next Health Food, Industry Expert Suggests

June 2015

Gout, Diet, And Dairy

March 2015

Study Identifies Top Six Factors Predicting Heart Attack Risk

March 2015

Elevated Sugar Intake Linked To Significantly Raised Risk Of Obesity, Diabetes, and Heart Disease

March 2015

High Dairy Fat Intake Related To Less Central Obesity: A Male Cohort Study With 12 Years Follow-up 

February 2014

Dietary Scapegoating: Get To Know Your Fats

November 2013

Sugar: The Bitter Truth

July 2009