At Rothenbuhler® Cheesemakers, we pursue excellence in every aspect of our business to enhance our sustainability in the years to come.

Sustainability is at the core of our FOCUS, particularly achieving Zero Defects in our relationship with the environment. Milk has 86 percent water and we recycle this water (cow water) for all our processes. Our wise stewardship involves treating our waste water (water and solids from cleaning) via biodigestion, membrane filtration, and methane gas production used in making steam for our cheese making. Lord willing in the future, we plan further filtration of our effluent to reuse for certain cleaning applications. Our fermented solids are applied on fields as a natural fertilizer to grow nutritious animal feed.

We value the efficiency of an extremely modern facility that has used numerous eco-friendly/"green" initiatives that involve recycling energy and resources. That means blending the artistry of the past and the innovation of the future as we make fine Swiss cheese.